RG Fiber is the country’s first operational software-driven fiber optic network. RG Fiber designs, builds, operates and maintains their network with 4 differentiators: reliability, speed, affordability, and neighborly service. Meet the RG Fiber team:

Tyler Baker – Director of Business Operations
Philip Lowry – Director of Network Operations
Mike Bosch – Founder/CEO
Valerie Bosch – Fiber Team Lead
Ashwini Balachandra – Network Engineer
Andrea Miller – Executive Admin/Customer Service Manager
Rhonda Peterson – Office Manager

5 Quick Facts

1.  RG FIBER is the first software driven fiber network in the country
2.  Celebrated their 5 year anniversary in May of this year.
3.  RG Fiber partnered with industry leaders, such as Nokia, Corning, and Duraline to build a world-class fiber network to small town America.
4.  Offers free/reduced internet for families that qualify for free/reduced lunches
5.  Designs, builds, and operate every aspect of our network, which streamlines our expenses, allows us to quickly handle any issues, and allows us to take care of every aspect of the customers needs from start to finish.

Learn more about the RG Fiber’s history, innovation and accomplishments:

RG Fiber and Corning Partnership

RG Fiber and De Soto Partnership

Contact RG Fiber

713 High St, Baldwin City, KS 66006

 (785) 594-5414