Name: Sean Hare

Family: Married to Jana Craig-Hare

Education: B.S – Social Sciences, Kansas State University

Career: Information Technology, Owner/President/Employee of myITG Services LLC, an intentionally small one-man IT consulting firm.

Civic Experience: Baldwin City Recreation Commissioner, with previous employer – worked with over 500 municipalities across the country as a Sales Engineer

Community Service: Festival of Lights Parade volunteer, Member – Friends of the Baldwin City Library, Member – Baldwin City Chamber of Commerce, Smoke on the Bricks BBQ Contest volunteer, Baldwin Education Foundation volunteer/advisor

What is your motivation for running for the office?

  • At its core, my motivation is a desire to serve the community.  Baldwin City is a fantastic community, but like many communities our size, we are facing challenges that are going to require us to be very strategic in our goals, planning, and allocation of available resources.  I want to have a voice in that future and ensure that those within our community are represented and heard.

What is one major issue Baldwin City is facing currently and how would you address it?

  • I believe Baldwin City is tasked with overcoming key challenges regarding its critical infrastructure and the funding of those services.  We have to find a way to responsibly address these problems for our existing citizens and business community while still encouraging growth and adding amenities to attract new community members.  I only wish I knew how to address it or simply communicate a response to this part of the question into an easy-to-read sentence or paragraph.  But, it isn’t that simple.  What I can say is the answer is there, but it will take work. It will take research.  It will take discussion, and it will take compromise and collaboration.  I believe that process first and foremost includes setting the priorities of that vision utilizing all of our resources, input, and data available.  It will require a process based on respectful discussion, cooperation, and sometimes mutual concession.  As a member of the City Council, I believe each decision should be weighed against those goals and priorities of the community as a measuring stick to ensure our efforts and resources are focused.

What is your vision for Baldwin City 5-10 years in the future?

  • Progress and solutions take time.  I’m not sure 5-10 years is far enough out for visioning for a community.  However, in 5-10 years, I’d like to see continued growth in our population and the services we offer to our community.  I’d like to see an ever-expanding and balanced growth in our business sector, including the types of businesses our community can support.  I’d like to see the recent advancement of civic-engagement and government transparency sustained and carried forward.  My vision for Baldwin City is a community that is working towards a future together.  It shouldn’t just be my vision or one group’s vision, it should be a shared vision that we all can work toward achieving.  I would like to see increased cooperation and development with the leadership at Douglas County as well.  Baldwin City should strive to stay on the forefront for the future of not just our immediate borders, but all of Douglas County as well.

What personal characteristics and/or abilities do you have that qualify you for election to city council?

  • I am a trustworthy and hard-working individual. My strengths include working with others to find solutions to everyday challenges. I believe in transparency in government ensuring that citizens have access to reliable and relevant information. Likewise, I would welcome conversations with constituents about the current and future state of the city. Whatever challenges lay ahead, I am committed to learning more about each unique situation, respectfully listening to all points of view, and making the best decision possible with all the information available.  Throughout my council term, I would aspire to be an active, engaged member of the City Council in order to represent our community members and Baldwin City’s future.

Contact information (email/phone number):

Sean Hare

913-526-0111 (mobile)