Name: Nicholas Goodman

Family: Single

Education: B.A. Communication, Washington State University, 2013, M.S.E. Higher Education Student Affairs, Fort Hays State University, 2015

Career: Resident Director, University of Jamestown, Jamestown, ND, 2015-2017, Director of Residence Life & Conference Services, Baker University, 2017-present

Civic Experience: Citizen member appointee, Sidewalk & Trail Committee, 2018-present; Regularly attend Baldwin City Council meetings since early 2018

Community Service: Merit Badge Counselor, Boy Scouts of America


What is your motivation for running for the office?

  • I am running to serve my community that has given me a home. Too often, we take for granted our surroundings and are comfortable sitting on the sidelines. I wish to give back to the community that gave me so much in the last several years. The least I can do is offer to give a piece of myself in humble service.

What is one major issue Baldwin City is facing currently and how would you address it?

  • Transparency and involvement I think are the largest issues I see facing us today. Although there are a number of more specific issues facing Baldwin City, this is the gateway to effectively address all other challenges. Our world is highly driven by social media and online outlets. Although efficient and works well for many, social media is not as effective as it could be in our small town and our demographic. For Baldwin City civic matters, we need to proactively engage our residents in ways that work for them.  The council and city administrators do an admirable job now publishing materials and making issues available for public comment and input online and at regular council sessions, but we need more targeted outlets. The newspaper is a step in the right direction. Our next step I think is engaging businesses and community hot spots with posters and flyers, roving informal community chats, comment boxes, and other small, manageable, yet impactful ways to engage the community.

What is your vision for Baldwin City 5-10 years in the future?

  • My vision for Baldwin is to bring people together. We collectively face a variety of issues that constantly change on a near daily basis. I envision for us a community that openly and respectfully shares concerns and triumphs alike. I want us all to share honest disagreements and collectively come up with solutions together. I want us to celebrate achievements and support the good all around us that happens unnoticed every day. Together, we win. No matter the difficulty, no matter the scale, our town will overcome and triumph together.

What personal characteristics and/or abilities do you have that qualify you for election to city council?

  • I have a unique perspective of Baldwin as a one who came to live here recently as an adult and fell in love with our beloved town. I am willing to listen to and act on informed debate, discussion, and fact. I am not rooted in one particular school of thought in municipal issues and remain neutral on issues until we have heard informed arguments. I wish to listen to all points of view on any particular topic and make sure facts and reason prevail above all. Politics and posturing should never win the day over facts, and I believe strongly in speaking truth to power.

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