Name: Jerry Smith

Family: Daughter, resides in Houston

Education: Iola High School, US Army in the ASA (Army Security Agency)


  • Police Officer, City of parsons, 3 years
  • State Trooper, Kansas Highway Patrol, 27 years
  • 1994 retired from Kansas Highway patrol as a Master Trooper
  • Worked for Rural Water District #5 for 20 years, retired
  • Currently, inspector/observer for Public Wholesale Water Supply District 25

Civic Experience: Willow Springs Township Board, 14 years, Officer in Fraternal Order of Police, Lodge #2

Community Service: Served the community since 1968 as state trooper

Motivation for running

  • I am interested in the community and in the infrastructure of the community. This is an agricultural/retiree community and bedroom community each with specific needs and I would like to care for both of these communities. I have time to serve and if I can be a benefit to the community, I’d like to contribute. I’d like to improve public communications to make sure citizens are informed the activities of our city government.


  • I hear about the community center and police department. I am interested in learning public opinions in order to get a better view of what the public really wants to make informed decisions.  My expertise in law enforcement will lend itself to the police station development.


  • First, before I can say I have a vision, I think is making sure we are controlling and using our funds toward the city rather than any outside type of participation. I feel strongly that people need to have input before community development projects are decided.

Characteristics and abilities

  • My life experiences qualify me for election to city council. Having been involved in a state agency has given me an understanding of how money flows, work is conducted, roads are built and electricity lines are put up. As a state trooper, I have seen a lot of cities—those that make it and those struggling—and bring this comparative perspective to the Council.