Name: Cory Venable

Family: Fiancé Jenni and children Jack (age 3) and Vivian (age 1)

Education: BA Political Science – Baker University, BA History – Baker University

Career: Fire, Theft, and Vandalism Investigator – Farmers Insurance

Civic Experience: No prior civic experience

Community Service: Recently I have worked to raise money for The Lumberyard Arts and Baldwin Golf Association.



What is your motivation for running for the office?

  • I am running for City Council because I believe Baldwin has a great deal of untapped potential. I want to bring more dialog and communication to the decision making process and help make Baldwin an even better community for us to live in.

What is one major issue Baldwin City is facing currently and how would you address it?

  • I’ve spoken with many in town who have serious infrastructure concerns, from sewage problems to crumbling, unusable sidewalks. Many are excited about the city’s potential but are frustrated about issues impacting them right now. As a member of City Council, I would work to develop a clear direction for Baldwin that both addresses immediate concerns, and sparks optimism and excitement for the future.

What is your vision for Baldwin City 5-10 years in the future?

  • I see Baldwin growing at a steady pace by luring young families who came to Maple Leaf, rode the train at Midland, or attended the 4thof July event and said they want to be a part of this amazing town. The City Council’s primary responsibility is to increase the quality of life in Baldwin. When the city makes decisions with quality of life in mind, Baldwin grows responsibly.

What personal characteristics and/or abilities do you have that qualify you for election to city council?

  • I have a unique ability to find common ground. I’m the kind of person needed on the Council because I don’t dig in. I communicate, I listen, and I always think of creative ways to compromise.

Contact information


Ph: (785) 393-9450