The City of Baldwin City is interested in creating a common consumption area (CCA) in downtown Baldwin City.The 2017 Legislature passed House Bill 2277 that enables “a city or county to establish one or more common consumption areas by ordinance or resolution to authorize the possession and consumption of alcoholic liquor within a designated area.”

Definition of a Common Consumption Area—“a defined indoor or outdoor area not otherwise licensed where the possession and consumption of alcoholic liquor is allowed pursuant to a common consumption area permit. The boundaries of any common consumption area must be clearly marked using a physical barrier or other apparent line of demarcation.”

Why is the City considering creating a Common Consumption Area?A common consumption area can improve downtown vitality by increasing opportunities to attract more downtown events and more people to downtown Baldwin City. Spillover effects include more traffic for businesses in Baldwin City resulting in increase in sales tax revenue for the City (translating to quality of life enhancement). In addition, the CCA would simplify the process for entities applying for City Special Event requests that include alcohol consumption at events.


What is the process? The city is required to:

  • Create an ordinance that meets specific requirements including:
    • Authorize possession/consumption within the CCA
    • Designate boundaries of the CCA (see map, boundaries to be discussed)
    • Establish time during which alcoholic liquor can be possessed and consumed in the CCA
    • If a public street is part of CCA, then need to declare that public street must be closed during times alcoholic liquor can be possessed and consumed.
  • The ordinance can contain additional rules and regulations
  • CCA is valid until enabling ordinance is repealed
  • Once CCA is established by ordinance, City must notify alcoholic beverage control (ABC)
  • Possession and consumption is not allowed in CCA until a CCA permit has been issued by ABC.




How can I find out more information?

  • The City is holding a work session on the topic of “downtown common consumption area” on Tuesday, February 26, 7:00 pm at the American Legion.

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