“I am proud and excited for this day to be here,” Baldwin City Mayor Casey Simoneau said. “Baldwin City will be one of the smallest, greenest municipality owned utilities in the State of Kansas once this solar farm is completed. Our current council and city staff have been working on numerous green energy initiatives throughout this year. We currently purchase wind and hydro energy and with this we will now be producing solar in our backyard. We have increased the net metering lid for citizens and businesses and have been diligent to ensure we are continuing to utilize green energy to help control our production costs for our citizens.”   Mayor Casey Simoneau, November 19, 2018

Mayor Simoneau is passionately committed to improving the quality of life for Baldwin City residents. Increasing and diversifying Baldwin City’s sustainable energy, is only one of several accomplishments Casey Simoneau has overseen in his first 11 months serving as Baldwin City’s Mayor. Three additional accomplishments include:

  • Creating a vision for a new police station and working toward its implementation
  • Working toward a “connective” Baldwin City. Infrastructure connectivity is a critical element for public safety and public health, benefitting all citizens in a community. During his campaign, Mayor Simoneau stated, I think an important part of our quality of life is good sidewalks that connect our city.  All generations within our city use our city sidewalks and I would like to see our sidewalks repaired and/or replaced in our more established neighborhoods.  I would also like to see our schools connected to our city through our sidewalks. Currently, it is very difficult for our children to safely walk to school from our established neighborhoods. Working with City staff, with public input, the City developed the West Baldwin Pedestrian Connectivity Plan and is currently seeking funds through a KDOT Transportation Alternative grant for its implementation.
  • Trail Easement Agreement with Midland Railway – Tied to connectivity, this economic development project will connect to the Prairie Spirit Trail linking Baldwin City to Ottawa. It is anticipated the trail will be a significant tourism attraction. The City was awarded a grant from the Sunflower Foundation to initiate trail planning.

Mayor Simoneau credits a hard working City staff who are committed to the City’s mission. Over the past months, he’s learned “the staff are extremely dedicated who put forth extra time and effort.” He also has learned and appreciated Baldwin City’s passionate citizenry and Baldwin City’s unique assets. Mayor Simoneau remains committed to not raising taxes or utility rates and fiscal accountability. His vision includes a housing growth plan with 15-20 new homes built annually. The City has worked to offer incentives for growth including the Neighborhood Revitalization Program and building permit fee reduction.

In addition to leading the City, Mayor Simoneau has been busy this year growing his real estate title business through a merger with First United Title Agency.

His keen business acumen combined with a former law enforcement career enables Casey to run the City efficiently with public service knowledge and experience. Casey states, My career with the Highway Patrol gave me the valuable experience to understand how government functions on a daily basis. Prior to resigning from the Highway Patrol, I purchased the small business that I currently operate.  Owning your own business allows for a person to learn and understand how different management styles are utilized, how to budget and plan for growth and more important how to provide the best customer service possible for our clients.

Casey remains active in the community serving as a member of the Baldwin City Economic Development Corporation, a member of the Baldwin City Chamber of Commerce and participating in his children’s school and recreational activities. Some of his varied mayoral “tasks” have included providing tours of our community,leading the Festival of Lights Parade, judging the Chamber’s window decorating competition, recognizing citizen accomplishments, speaking at community programs and serving as Baldwin City’s champion.

The Chamber looks forward to working with Mayor Simoneau in completing our City visioning work, further revitalizing downtown with the Lotatorium development project, improving communications, and growing business. Thank you, Mayor Simoneau for your tireless work and desire to create positive change for Baldwin City. 

Participation in City Visioning, a partnership with the Chamber.










Welcoming stakeholders to the Lotatorium development meeting. In addition to a stakeholder luncheon, the City also worked with the Chamber and Lumberyard Arts Center to implement a citizen survey for lotatorium development input.




The Mayor working with business owner, Noel Ortiz.