George McCrary and Kansas State Bank have launched the Baldwin Community First Incentive Program.

Program Highlights:

  1. Branding: I love calling it the KSB Baldwin Community First Incentive Program. Why? The program is creating a scholarship to Baker University for a Baldwin High school student and a small scholarship for a teacher looking for some continuing education. In addition we are encouraging people to build, remodel, move and/or stay in Baldwin.
  2. Duration: KSB is making a 5 year commitment at $2,500 a year along with some private money and money that we contribute through the opening of new accounts. The incentive program itself will last through the 2018-19 school year, with the possibility of extending it based on the overall response.
  3. Deposit accounts program specifics: $500 new accounts, have to be kept open for at least 60 days and upon 60 days get the $10 and KSB will contribute $40 to the scholarship. Open to everyone
  4. Car Loan Incentive: There will be a special rate for Baker employees and Baldwin school district employees…see your loan committee notes
  5. Loan Program: $1,000 credit for closing costs for loans of $75,000 or greater. The loans will have to meet our approval process and loans that we keep in house (loans sent to the secondary market are not eligible)

Thank you George and KSB for creating the Baldwin Community First Incentive Program!