Bryan & Cheryl Rice, you rock! Thanks for hosting the Young Professionals group yesterday, and the fantastic tour of Rice Precision Manufacturing!

Bryan shared the following highlights about the company, reasons for success, future opportunities and challenges.

* As of 8/27/18, we’ll have 22 employees.

* We are classified/known as a “custom machine and fabrication” shop.

* We serve industries such as: Oil & Gas, Food Processing (people & pet), Industrial, Printing, etc.

* Our success has come from two sources. First and foremost, it starts with the people that come into work everyday with the desire and ambition to be the very best at what we do. Allowing us to boast a 2017 customer reject rate of 0.08 percent. Secondly, from top down we follow and do not waver from our mission statement: “Supply our customers with the highest quality product at a fair price when they need it”.

* Our future will be a product of our goals.  There are many, many opportunities for us in this economy, especially oil & gas, a sector we’ve been familiar with for 2 decades. I’m very excited with the progress of our new customer and the potential they bring.

* Our challenge, like everyone in manufacturing is finding skilled labor. And, to add to our difficulty, I especially want individuals that love what they do. I want people that look forward to coming to work to meet new challenges and enjoy the satisfaction of mastering a new skill.