Baldwin City Fitness is celebrating their one year anniversary on April 12th, with an Open House! Check out all the details of the event here, and read on for their story.

A Story of Fitness

The brainstorming for the gym began when Lawrence Therapy moved from 814 High St to a new location. Scott and Sarah walked around this big, open, empty space and said “How about a gym?”. The idea seemed perfect since Baldwin City had been without a fitness facility since the summer of 2016.

So the planning began in January 2017. Scott worked on obtaining equipment while Sarah worked on a color scheme, logo, and website. The renovation of the space was a family affair! Carpet was ripped up one night with the help of Jodi (Scott’s wife, Sarah’s sister, and co-owner) and his boys, Sam and Ben.

Personally getting to know, guiding and encouraging our members sets us apart from the big name gyms and is our biggest mission.

Next it was time for some color!  Scott, Jodi, Sam, Ben, Sarah, Jason (her husband) and their boys TJ, Lucas and Jesse all picked up a brush and roller and transformed the space into a bright, color filled room!  Electrical work (thanks T-Electric), mirrors, flooring, internet (thanks RG Fiber), electronics and finally gym equipment filled the empty space and the gym was born.

They were ready to open! Unfortunately, getting the 24/7 access door system installed was a challenge. Meanwhile, Scott and Sarah welcomed gym members wanting to get started on their fitness to use the facility. They opened the doors early and closed late until the 24/7 door was functional on April 1.

As membership grew so did the gym. They added more cardio equipment, weight machines and expanded into an additional room in early 2018. Running Baldwin City Fitness is by far the best job either of them could have thanks to their loyal members!

Mission: Fitness and Fun

The mission of Baldwin City Fitness is to provide a safe, clean and most of all fun place for anyone at any fitness level to reach their fitness goals.  Personally getting to know, guiding and encouraging our members sets us apart from the big name gyms and is our biggest mission.

Keys to Success

The motivated members that have joined the facility are what makes Baldwin City Fitness a success.  Having a reliable internet service provided by RG Fiber is also a critical component to our success as our 24/7 door is dependent on internet.  Maintaining equipment, keeping a clean facility and offering reasonable prices are also key.

Baldwin City Life

We love the friendly small town that is Baldwin City. During the school year, the students at Baker give the town energy and youth! Summers always seem so quiet when they go home. We love how the citizens of our town support all of our wonderful locally owned businesses. We both have families and children in school, so we appreciate our schools, teachers and all of the programs that are offered through Baldwin Recreation, Lumberyards Arts Center, The Dance Studio and countless other entities.


We have had so much support from the Baldwin City Chamber, especially Jeannette, even before we were open to the public. Between the quaint character of our downtown with it’s hopping businesses, Midland Railway featuring the Dinner Train and Thomas the Tank Engine and of course our annual Maple Leaf Festival, Baldwin City really draws crowds from all over bringing vitality to our city!
For more information, check out Baldwin City Fitness on their website or Facebook page.