April Chamber Member Spotlight: Congratulations! Mid America Bank Celebrates 20th Anniversary

Mid America Bank celebrated its 20th anniversary on April 7, 2017. The bank started in 1997 when five individuals, including Baldwin residents Dave Hill and Roger Arnold, purchased the Esbon State Bank in Esbon, KS. The owners changed the name to Mid America Bank because Esbon is located 8 miles from the geographic center of the United States. The main office soon moved to Baldwin City and operated at 707 High Street across from the post office. It moved to its current location on the highway in 2001.

Since purchasing the bank it has grown from $9 million in total assets to $139 million in total assets with no plan to slow down. “Growth is important for the future of our bank,” said Vice President Jeff Hill. He noted how technological advances have impacted the banking industry. “With online banking, mobile banking and faster payment processing it’s possible to bank with just about anyone. Growth enables us to operate in a competitive industry and to better serve our customers.”

The bank’s management team also sees the importance of growth in the communities it serves, particularly in Baldwin City.   “Baldwin is already a great place to live but gradual growth can make it even better,” said Hill. He pointed out that growth is good for Baker and the Baldwin school district. It expands Baldwin City’s tax base which is important as it looks to build new facilities and improve infrastructure. Growth brings in more of the services people want, contributes to the financial stability of our churches, and helps all of our local business owners. “We are committed to the success of our family’s business and that is directly tied to Baldwin’s success,” said Hill

Mid America’s niche has always been real estate lending. The bank currently employs 43 people across three branches, including 30 people at its main office in Baldwin City. The majority of those in Baldwin City work either in the lending or loan servicing. “We have a fantastic group of people at every level,” said Hill. “Several have been with us since the very beginning and we think of each other as family.”