Baldwin City coffee lovers, we almost lost a landmark! A little over six years ago, the Jitters coffee trolley was up for sale and potential buyers had plans to move the portable trolley from its location along the north side of Highway 56 in Baldwin. “When I found out coffee might be leaving Baldwin City, I was no so happy about that!” says Sara Castaneda. “We wanted to keep it in town.”

Along with her mother, Doris Sage, Castaneda bought Jitters in 2010, growing the business ever since. The family is currently working toward an expansion into a sit down coffee shop that also serves crepes and specialty breakfast items, to be built between 7th and 8th streets on Highway 56, across from Baldwin City Market.

“We will always have a drive through,” says Castaneda, noting that the heart of Jitters will remain the same, offering tasty caffeinated concoctions and using fresh products from local farmers whenever possible. The Jitters expansion will remain a family affair, with Castaneda’s brother-in-law to open a bar and grill on the other side of the lot, with a courtyard planned to conjoin the two businesses.

But with all this new space being planned, what about the trolley? “The trolley will not be leaving Baldwin,” says Castaneda. “That is all I can say about that for now. “

We look forward to enjoying all that Jitters has brewing. Congratulations, Jitters, on six great years!