Please Donate to Support Baldwin City’s First Community Mural Project!

The Baldwin City Tourism Bureau with partnership from the City of Baldwin City, Lumberyard Arts Center and Baldwin City Chamber of Commerce are working to implement a community mural project in Spring 2017. We’ve already raised close to half of the project cost. We need $550 (7% of total project cost) in the form of community donations for the project to proceed. Our vision is for this mural to kick-off a longer-term Baldwin City Community Mural Program to leverage Baldwin City’s rich historic and cultural heritage. We will instill community pride among residents, increase visitors to Baldwin City and consequently train and employ local artists. Any funds raised above $550 will go the broader mural program.

Donations jars located at:

  • Lumberyard Arts Center
  • Antiques on the Prairie
  • Baldwin State Bank
  • Kansas State Bank
  • Mid America Bank
  • Baldwin City Market
  • Gregg Bruce Auto & Performance
  • Baldwin City Chamber of Commerce
  • Baldwin Public Library. 

Or donate to:


How does a Community Mural Project Work? Success requires YOUR participation!

The creation of a community participatory mural is broadly thought of as a two phase process.

Phase I, design development. An interactive process involving engagement of the community in discussions and consensus of the mural theme. Community engagement involves public forums and the creation of a Design Team. For broad inclusive community participation, public forums are held with the intent of deliberative discussion on topics. Topics include: “What makes Baldwin City unique”; “What do we value?”; “What is our cultural heritage?”; and “What is the vision for our future?”. Information from these public forums are discussed by the Design Team, consisting of 10-15 community members. Finally, our design team assesses a review of mural content ideas from the public forums, conducts research, sketches mural theme ideas on paper for public input and review; and provides a consensus on final mural content.

Phase II, mural construction. Consists of wall preparation, design construction and painting. First of all, Phase II begins with the artist, assistant and apprentice setting up a scaffolding system and furthermore, preparing the wall (cleaning and priming). Then, enlarging the mural design onto the wall by projecting the mural drawing. Finally, painting the wall with intergenerational community participation and final varnish coating of the mural.


Where is the Mural Located?

The mural will be located on the west side of the building located at 608 High Street (adjacent to the Baldwin City Fire Station). The creation of the mural is a contribution to the beautification of downtown and giving a visual voice to Baldwin City and also stimulating interest in Baldwin City’s rich cultural heritage for both residents and visitors. And as a result, promote awareness of the Baldwin City Community Mural Program as the initial mural in the Program.


Project Timetable

The project is expected to take 15 days during April 2017. Background promotion and advertising during December 2016 – April 2017. However, it’s possible due to weather and scheduling of engagement forums, the timetable could be extended from early April 2017 through May 2017.


Questions? Interested in Participating?

Contact Jeannette Blackmar at the Baldwin City Chamber of Commerce! Email or Call Jeaneatte at or 785-594-3200.