The Baldwin City Gazette, an online newspaper, is set to celebrate its one year anniversary at the end of December. Kevin Surbaugh, who founded and runs the Gazette shared with the Chamber about his background and experience. Congratulations Kevin and the Baldwin City Gazette on reaching this one year milestone!


Q & A

BC Chamber: Tell us a little bit about yourself.   

Kevin: My name is Kevin Surbaugh. And as long as I can remember, I wanted to be a writer. In high school and college, my goal was a career in journalism and politics. I served on the high school newspaper, before going to work as a freelancer for the now defunct start-up Linn County Connection, during a strike at the Linn News. Afterwards, I ended up working retail. Over the years, I have earned a living working retail full-time, while blogging (known at one point as the “Prince of Thrift”) and working on occasional freelance projects. In addition, I have modeled and acted as well. Most recently, I was in episode 8 of the ABC drama, “My Generation,” in 2010.


BC Chamber: Why did you become interested in starting the Baldwin City Gazette?

Kevin: Like many in Baldwin City, I was disheartened when the Baldwin City Signal closed. As a person with an entrepreneurial heart and a journalist background I knew I had to act.


BC Chamber: What is the purpose of the Baldwin City Gazette?

Kevin: To serve the residents of and around Baldwin City with the news in the area.


BC Chamber: What is your vision for the Baldwin City Gazette?

Kevin: I see the Gazette becoming a full-time paper allowing me to spend more time within the city. Without leaving to work a full-time job elsewhere.


BC Chamber: What is your favorite part of working on the Gazette? Or do you have a favorite experience or story?

Kevin: I love meeting people and learning new things.  As for my favorite story of the year, I think that would have to the city council meeting, where a number of citizens turned out, because of a perceived belief the city was outlawing chickens. Finally, a matter that was clarified in subsequent meetings.


BC Chamber: How do individuals or organizations submit information or stories? Is there an associated cost?

Kevin: Press releases are always welcomed, as long as it is not blatant advertising. Releases can be emailed to

There is no cost for press releases. The only submissions that would have an associated charge would be for obituaries and announcements (wedding, anniversary, etc). Those are $15 each.


BC Chamber: How can the community support the Baldwin City Gazette?

Kevin: In addition to reading the paper online, business owners and residents can advertise. We accept classified advertising for help wanted, garage sales, automobiles for sale, homes for sale, rentals and more.




Kevin and Pat Surbaugh.