McFarlane Aviation
I made a call on Baldwin City Chamber member Dave McFarlane at McFarlane Aviation out at the Vinland Airport recently and a couple of hours after just “stopping by” to see how things were going with their new building construction I left, my head swimming with the information about Additive Manufacturing.  Dave’s son and partner Dan, had introduced Dad and sister-partner Cheryl Kurtz to a college friend who has come up with a revolutionary new 3-D titanium steel layering process run by a computer to make parts. I won’t try to explain Additive Manufacturing any further here, but urge you to take a look at the Monday May 9th Journal World on line to get the details.  Reporter Elvyn Jones did a great job explaining the process of additive manufacturing and what it might mean for a local, long time, very successful company that likes to call Baldwin City its hometown.  I mentioned my stop at McFarlance to Elvyn when he came by the Chamber office recently asking for any local news I might know about.  This friends, Is BIG NEWS.  Using the word revolutionary to describe the process is an understatement And, it’s happening in the Baldwin City suburb of Vinland.  Great new things really can come from small places.  Look up the story LJW online and get ready to buy stock.
This weekend marks the end of school for our Baldwin High School Seniors.  We want to wish you all the very best.  Be sure to say thanks to those teachers that have meant so much to your education. I know the excitement and pressure of “what’s next” and “where will the grass be greener” is overwhelming right now. You have a wonderful hometown and we hope you have great memories.  I’m sorry to say what we don’t have right now is top quality jobs to offer after you complete your next level of education.  The expansion of new businesses and high tech industry in this area of northeast Kansas is increasing rapidly.  I think Baldwin City is a prime location for some of new business ventures and spin-offs from the larger industrial projects nearby.  We can be more than a “bedroom community”.  New housing starts in all price ranges are important, but creating space near Baldwin City for a business park is critical.  We want future graduates of BHS to have solid, good paying jobs right here!
Have a great Baldwin City week!